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Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shape

Diamonds have many different shapes with unique qualities which makes exploring and learning about the various shapes is worthwhile. The highest quality certified diamonds to satisfy all tastes are offered by DiamondJools.

Brilliant Cut Diamond

The most popular diamond for engagement rings is the Round Cut Diamond. Light return through the top of the diamond is maximized by its cone shape. It is cut to have 33 facets on the crown, 25 on the pavilion, adding up to a total of 58 facets.

Asscher Cut Diamond

The Square Emerald Diamond is made using step-cut process and has cut cropped corners thus making it almost octagonal in appearance. The stones are bright, shiny and clear.

Cushion Cut Diamond

One antique diamond that has a classic, romantic appeal is the Cushion-Cut Diamond. The Old Mine Cut     Diamond was very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the cushion Cut Diamond is considered to be a cross between this one and a modern Oval-Cut Diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Because of its beauty and precision, the Emerald-Cut Diamond is a very popular style. It has extreme clarity even though it lacks the brilliance of diamonds cut with triangular and kite-shaped facets. Looking at an emerald-cut diamond is like looking into glacier-pure ice.

Heart Cut Diamond

One of the most romantic of the diamond shapes is the Heart Shaped Diamond. It has a cleft at the top and exhibits superior brilliance.

Marquise Cut Diamond

 The “classic” shape for diamond engagement rings is the Marquise-Cut. It is a boat-shaped brilliant stone and  one of the two most important characteristics of this particular style of cut are color and clarity.

Oval Cut Diamond

A modified version of the most popular cut, the Round Brilliant is the Oval Cut Diamond. It has similar characteristics to the Round “ideal” Cut so it is the perfect choice for buyers who like the Round Cut but would like something in a shape that is more unusual

Pear Cut Diamond

A combination of the tradition and brilliance of a round cut with a less common shape creates an unusual diamond called the Pear Diamond. With 58 facets, the pear diamond can still make light “dance” as it does in the traditional Round Brilliant Cut.

Princess Cut Diamond

The second most popular cut, after the Round Brilliant is a square cut diamond designed for maximum brilliance called the Princess Cut Diamond. Created in the 1970’s, it is a relatively new diamond cut. It has a similar faceting style to the Round Brilliant.

Radiant Cut Diamond

The Radiant Cut Diamond is a combination of the brilliance of the more traditional Round Cut with the more stylish square or rectangular shape. In order to create a non-traditional, yet brilliant diamond, it is made by using the Round Cut style and the Emerald Cut style.