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Shopping Online Pleases The Guys

Some guys simply hate going to the shops. And for good reason too: shops and malls have been designed with women and children in mind. Guys will do some shopping, but only if it is for home supplies, sports memorabilia, and to pick up a coffee. Leave the clothes shopping for the wife and kids - who can tolerate being pressed in by mall traffic or walking by hours? Not me and probably not you if you are a guy. 
The internet, however, has changed the shopping habits of the male. True, men still like to head out to the car dealerships, and coffee shops, but when it comes shopping for their women, only the world wide web will do. No suffocating crowds, no babbling sales people, no time away from the easy chair - searching the 'net is the fun way to shop. 
Lots of guys are under the impression that high end items such as pearl necklaces and diamond rings must be purchased at a jewelry store. Fortunately, the internet has become the world's marketplace allowing virtually any product to be sold online including engagement rings, wedding bands, and gold jewelry. 

How To Shop Online

When shopping for jewelry online there are a few things to keep in mind. They include: 

  • Search With Google - Google is one of the best search engines out there for turning up some really great stuff. You can use Yahoo, MSN and Ask too but Google makes it easier to enter a few keywords like "engagement ring" and "gold jewelry" and get thousands of pages of quality results. Key retailers like DiamondJools -Anelli - Blunile will show up on the first pages - no need for you to sift through a bunch of web pages to uncover a great selection of goods. 

  • Compare and Save - You can compare prices between retailers online with ease. You can also compare prices for different items sold by the same retailer. Sizing charts, educational information, and so much more can be found when visiting the better jewelry sites. Remember, their prices are reduced because their overhead is much lower - no brick and mortar stores to maintain, therefore costs are driven down. You save because they pass on their savings to you. 

  • Shop a Secured Site - Generally, you won't know that you are using a secured site until you are ready for checkout. To make sure that you are on a protected site, the web address will add an "s" to the "http" address designation in the web browser bar when it is time to make your payment. You can also find a closed padlock somewhere on your browser page signaling the same thing. Always shop on a secured site as you want your personal information to be as well protected as it would be if you shopped at the mall. 

  • Odds and Ends - Each retailer sets their own shipping and return policies, so make sure that you understand what you are getting before you make your purchase. Free or reduced shipping is sometimes available and always make sure that the online jeweler insures your shipment. Some will allow you to try out your jewelry for a limited time and return it if not satisfied. Again, check out the respective policies before making your purchase. Finally, most online retailers offer customer support by means of online chat or through a toll free number, so if you have a question a sales associate is nearby to help. 

Yes, there is no need to set your foot in a jewelry store ever again thanks to the internet. Low prices, huge inventories, and available sales help makes web shopping a breeze. You'll save money and your lady will think that you are a hero! And do not hesitate by the quality ! The jewelery quality of the best online stores like Diamondjools is even much better than the high streets shops.
Affection, commitment and sustaining love are all symbolized through the diamond engagement ring.  Purchasing the perfect engagement ring might seem overwhelming at first. But have no fear – DiamondJools makes designing your own engagement ring online easy, fun and affordable!

First Things First: What type of ring would she like?

There are many types of rings such as solitaire, pave, tension so this can be a tricky question to answer. Assuming you have no clue what type of engagement ring to get, let’s work from that point:

  • Ask her: If your girlfriend is one of the women that prefer choosing for themselves, you can simply ask her.
  • Ask her friends: She has probably talked many times over with her friends about her perfect engagement ring so why not benefit from their knowledge? They will think it was romantic of you to ask and will be eager to help.
  • Investigate: You will see clues everywhere if you look around. Pay attention to the jewelry she likes to wear See if she left any hints in her magazines. When you walk past jewelry stores or counters, pay attention to the way she reacts to different jewelry.  Women love to provide men with a trail of breadcrumbs to their heart.

Budget and Education: Spend what you want and know what you're getting

Set aside a budget once you know more or less what type of ring she would want. This way you can focus on diamond rings you can comfortably afford by eliminating those that are out of your budget. The good news is that DiamondJools sells only high quality diamond rings for up to considerably less than stores that sell the same ring and also, each ring comes with its own grading certificate. This means that you can get a really great ring for less than you probably thought and without having to stretch your budget too far. Plus, you can design your own engagement ring exactly the way you want.
When deciding what type of ring to purchase, diamond education is an important factor. You may have already heard about the 4 Cs (color, cut, clarity and carat), but do you know what they mean? DiamondJools provides comprehensive, yet easily digestible information for you.

Design Your Own: Create the perfect ring, exactly the way you want it.

Great! Now you know basically what type of ring she wants, how much you want to spend and you have a bit of knowledge regarding diamonds. It's time for you to find the perfect ring.

DiamondJools  lets you design your own engagement ring, so now is the time to make it happen. You can start by choosing a setting together with the diamond or start by choosing a diamond.//

The Setting

Let's start with a setting. You can choose from many different types of setting:

  • Solitaire
  • Side-Stone
  • Pave
  • Vintage
  • Three-Stone
  • DiamondJools Exclusive

After choosing the setting you want, you can sort by price and metal type ( white gold , yellow gold or rose gold) . As we mentioned earlier, in order to save time and energy, you should only look at settings within your budget.

Go ahead and choose your desired setting.  You can choose a setting by simply clicking on anything that looks appealing to you. A page with more information about the setting you’ve selected will appear. Here you will be able to:

  • View the ring in magnified photos or in high definition with our 3D Video
  • See recently purchased photos of the setting
  • Get a list of matching diamonds recommended to you
  • Ask your friends on Facebook what they think
  • Read customer reviews